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Ian Jordan/Michael Digges


After an approximately 23 hour journey from Sydney (which included an 8 hour stop over in Buenos Airies to wait for a domestic flight to Posadas!!)  the weary travellers, Michael Digges, business manager for the Diocese of Parramatta and Ian Jordan, executive officer for WYD13, settled in for an early start the next morning to visit the Jesuit Guarani Missions. An unexpected highlight was to encounter the magnificent 360 metre high steel cross recently built for the faithful as an addition to the Santa Anna Mission.

This cross, Parque Tematico de La Cruz, has extraordinary sorrounds and vista that brings peace and tranquility, lends to meditation and prayer and was much enjoyed by Michael and Ian.

The Cross: Parque Tematico De La Cruz
The Cross: Parque Tematico De La Cruz


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