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After attending mass at the Catherdral Senora del Carmen, celebrated by the Bishop Marcelo Mortarel of Puerto Iguazu, we set off to view Iguazu Falls.

Nothing could have prepard us for this amazing experience!

Put simply, we were both stunned by the God's wonder, nature and vision on the falls both on the Argentian and Brazilian sides. A truly remarkable 'one off' experience.

A delightful coincidence took place at the most famous site of viewing the Falls (called 'The Devils Throat'). A young couple offered to take our picture with the falls in the background.They turned out to be catholic orphanage volunteers from Sydney (one the former captain of Mary Mackillop Primary, South Penrith) and the other, Joshua Voysey, from St Thomas Aquinas, Primary, Springwood well known to Sue Walsh!!)

The following pictures tell the story!!

Off to Lima tonight with confirmation that we have been invited to meet with the Cardinal of Lima, Juan Luis Cipriani during our stay. Exciting times ahead.




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