Catholic Youth Parramatta

Pilgrims - our Planted & Built Up World Youth Dayers

The Catholic Diocese of Parramatta's 'Planted and Built Up Youth Volunteers Program' helped local young people become more involved in ministry within their parish, school, movement and group, while providing support in funding their pilgrimage to World Youth Day (WYD) 2011.

Ahead of WYD11, we spoke to a number of the participants, to find our much the program was bringing to their life and faith.

Hazel Cortez

Our Lady of the Rosary,

St Marys

Planted and built up in Jesus Christ, firm in faith!

Being relatively new here in Australia, there’s always a feeling of being an outsider in every place, at gatherings and occasions that I have attended  - and through this program I am beginning to get the sense of familiarity and belongingness, and to be part of a community with a vital purpose. More so, having been chosen as the volunteer for this great cause is a great opportunity for me, so much so that I really need some power booster of my faith.

Honestly speaking, it is my personal struggle of my faith that makes me want to be part of this event, I want to be inspired again and to be an inspiration to others – and I know that all I can do is try and try again as long as there’s still life in me.

As a new OLR church parishioner and as a volunteer, I am keen on following orders or requests rather than initiate – but I am hoping that as time goes by, and as I feel more at home, I could contribute more and be of assistance to a greater cause of the church, for I believe it’s us ‘the people’ that form the church --- it’s our faith that connects us all.

And lastly, I would like to thank the OLR church for giving me this chance. I will surely treasure this for the rest of my life; may this be my re-charging point when time gets tough in my journey towards life and its challenges.

May this program continue to inspire those that need the most! God bless us all

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