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A prayer for the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta's pilgrims travelling to World Youth Day 2011 Madrid.


Ever loving God, we give you thanks for the many blessing we receive in this life. Thank you for the gift of World Youth Day to our young people. We ask your blessing on all our Pilgrims at World Youth Day in Madrid. Bless them on their pilgrimage and help them to build on the many graces and experiences that were the fruit of the World Youth Day in Sydney.


Guide them along right paths by bestowing on them the power of the Holy Spirit, so that they may continue to be your witnesses in the world.


May this pilgrimage renew their faith and confidence in you, and strengthen the bond of communion as they journey together, so that the fruits of their experience might bring renewal to the Church of Parramatta.


We ask this through the intercession of Our Lady of the Southern Cross and in the name of our Lord Jesus, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit one God forever and ever.



Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop. Pray for us.

Blessed John Paul II. Pray for us.


A taste of Nazarene life


Paul Menday blog
Paul Menday blog

From Ben Horne's Group (Group 1), Catholic Education, Parramatta Diocese

After a much needed sleep in we made our way to Mount Precipice – the sight of Jesus’ escape from the angry mob. Despite the … story the views from the summit were breathtaking affording us a panoramic view of Jezreel valley and the place believed to be the final battle between Good and Evil.

From Mount Precipice we made our way to Nazareth Village, a place built as a first century replica of the town Jesus grew up in. The town gave us an opportunity to look at life as Jesus would have seen it. After only a few hours exposed to the Israeli sun we began to appreciate just how tough it would have been to live in Jesus’ era. Their resourcefulness was evident in the design and structure of their buildings as they were able to build homes and synagogues that were cool in summer and warm in winter – reminding us that we can still learn from the past, despite our advancement in technology.

After the tour of the town we enjoyed a traditional feast – as would have been eaten 2,000 years ago. For some members of our group this brought back memories of traditional home meals and gave us a reminder of the importance of sharing a meal with family.

After the tour an opportunity to celebrate mass and receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation was given to us at the Basilica of the Annunciation. It still feels a little surreal to think that we were able to celebrate Mass at the site where Mary willingly accepted God’s will to be the Mother of Jesus. We hope that like Mary, when called upon, we too will say 'yes'.

Holy Land to Madrid Blog
Holy Land to Madrid Blog

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Comments & Responses

How wonderful to get on to the blog today and hear such detail about the events experienced by our children on Saturday and Sunday.They are all truly privileged to be experiencing these wonders it is going to be life changing for all of them I am sure.
Great also to see the picture of two of our St Columba's Pilgrims,Amelia and Hannah with their families as the departed Sydney their minds filled with excitement,anticipation and lots of things their mothers had reminded them to do and not to do while away!!!
You are all in our thoughts and prayers constantly
Posted by: Lucy Hatton on 8/08/2011 7:49:43 PM(Reply)
It is truly amazing to think that our young people our walking in the footsteps of the disciples and Jesus at this very moment in time. We are all very eager to hear from them about their experiences and general well being. For most of us it would be the first time our young people have travelled abroad without their parents, or in my case, its Hannah's first trip out of Australia. We are very grateful to the supervisors for being there to support and look after them. We are praying for all pilgrims, that their hearts and minds are open to what is truly possible for them as they journey through the Holy Land. God Bless.
Posted by: Julie Fehon on 8/08/2011 9:57:56 PM
Posted by: Julie Fehon on 8/08/2011 10:00:47 PM(Reply)
Thank you for attributing this excellent blog to me but I must confess that this Blog was crafted by Group 1...Ben Horne's group...we will have a couple of catch-up Blogs to post today...Mass on the Sea of Galilee...The River Jordan...wetting toes and renewing our Baptismal vows and growing together as pilgrims...catch-up later today..Paul
Posted by: Paul Menday on 9/08/2011 1:57:13 PM(Reply)
Thanks so much for the clarification, Paul.

I've updated the blog attribution.

Happy to hear everything is going so well.
Posted by: Moderator on 9/08/2011 2:25:56 PM(Reply)

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