Catholic Youth Parramatta

Youth breakfast with the Cardinal and the Bishop


1.Reasons for choosing the topic and the reason for choosing Cardinal as the speaker.

The topic “Culture of Life Vs Culture of Death” is a felt need of today esp to the young people as they are bombarded with the discussions that are going around by number of governments trying to introduce abortion bill, Euthanasia etc. It brings fear in the lives of the people when the governments themselves promote death rather than life.

We wanted to educate and empower the young people and to bring them to the awareness to how it is affecting the society. Christ has taught us always to choose life and to promote it whereas today’s society is becoming more and more ‘use and throw’ culture.

Catholic needs to strive towards promoting life always. Respect for human life is very important as we are made in the image and likeness of God and God lives in each of us. It was a time for us to discuss further and be equipped to fight off this evil of culture of death.

Cardinal Pell has been in the forefront in fighting this for a long time. At time he is criticized for what he believes in but was never afraid to stand for truth. It is very encouraging to any young person to know that the senior clergy of the Catholic Church is on their side to promote life.  The Cardinal is quite convinced of this crusade. Todays young people are the leaders of tomorrow. We need to educate them on promoting life so that we create a better future for humanity.

2. How did he inspire the gathering?

His very presence makes all the difference. He connected very well from the past history to the present. He challenged them to do something about what is happening around and never to be afraid of doing good. He was open to the questions that arose from the young minds so that he could help them to be convinced. He told plainly that we can’t punish the innocent life by opting for an abortion no matter what the circumstances are.

Cardinal’s constant struggle to promote life is very evident in all that he does and says. He always supported the culture of life.

3. Response of the youth (we have asked some young people to write down few points and we hope to get them soon)

4. The traditional welcome was done in three traditions: Indian, Samoan and Tongan dance and Filipino dance.

5. Band was from Youth For Christ Australia.(YFC)

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