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World Youth Day Research News Story
Photo: Alphonsus Fok & Grace Lu

Pilgrims from Australia who attended World Youth Day (WYD) XXVI in Madrid are invited to participate in a research project which explores how the events of WYD and its associated pilgrimages might impact upon a pilgrim's perception of spirituality, religious practice, community and self.

The research is being conducted as part of the PhD of Mr Anthony Cleary.

Participation in the research involves the completion of an online questionnaire at

Interviews are being conducted with selected pilgrims. They will be conducted at a time and location that is mutually convenient.

Since its inception in 1986 there have been relatively few attempts to research the impact of the WYD experience on participants.

This research not only seeks to clarify why people are drawn to WYD but to investigate the most influential aspects of the event and to explore how these experiences might have an effect on religious attitudes and practices.

Pilgrims' views on the subject of WYD are highly valued. Should you wish to be interviewed, please contact Anthony Cleary by phoning 02 9568 8433 or emailing 

Your participation and anonymity will be safeguarded.

This study has been approved by the Human Research Ethics Committee at Australian Catholic University.

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