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Soul poll: 9 out of 10 lives changed by WYD


World Youth Day News Story
World Youth Day 2008 Sydney.

Nine out of 10 believe that the journey to World Youth Day (WYD) is an experience that changes lives, helps faith mature and allows a person to accept suffering and to be happy, according to a study undertaken by the Cabinet of Electoral Analysis.

The WYD study was conducted among 1,800 people under the age of 30 from five continents.

Nine out of 10 young people interviewed said they participate WYD in order to have a new experience (93 per cent), spread the message of Jesus Christ (92 per cent), express their commitment to the Church (90 per cent) and satisfy their spiritual anxieties. Those polled said they also attend WYD to meet people (87 per cent) and to be with like-minded people (88 per cent).

The study also found one in four of the young people interviewed has participated in WYDs prior to Madrid 2011.

Of these, more than half travelled with the Pope to Cologne 2005 (61 per cent) and to Sydney 2008 (44 per cent). Almost all of the youth - 98 per cent - who attended the WYDs of 2005 and 2008 valued their experience as positive (80 per cent very positive and 18 per cent positive).

It was also revealed that the young people saw faith as a fundamental element for life. The study showed young people who attend WYD believe faith in Christ acts as a positive force for forgiveness of others (85 per cent), to be in solidarity and to help the needy (80 per cent) and to mature and to become a better person (79 per cent).

Those interviewed also felt able to accept suffering and to be happy (75 per cent) and to have clear ideas (88 per cent).

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