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Robert Galea uses music to ‘Reach Out’ to the masses


MEDIA RELEASE - 17 February 2011

Fresh from being ordained a priest, internationally acclaimed singer Fr Rob Galea is getting ready to bring the love of Christ to the masses with his new album titled ‘Reach Out’.

Rob’s latest offering contains 12 tracks which speak of the joys and suffering that he has experienced personally and through the young people he has worked with over the last few years as a follower and disciple of Christ.

With songs including the inspirational ‘Lift Me Up’ and the love letter to Christ that is ‘Fragile Heart‘, Reach Out, with its modern easy-listening sound and Christ inspired lyrics provides a perfect outlet for devotion no matter what your age or where you are in today’s busy world.

“I want to tell people about the great love and support that God can provide in all our lives and I have been given a great opportunity to do so through my music,” said Robert.

“It is so important that this generation of pastors speak the language of the people and my music complements what I’m doing through my ministry. My music is there to give the message I am already living through my priesthood.

“I hope that through these songs I can continue to bring the light of Christ and how to live a Christian life to the full to all people no matter where they are in their lives.”

Reach Out is Robert Galea’s fourth album following Divine Mercy Chaplet (2010), What a Day (2008) and Closer (2006) and continues Fr Rob’s legacy around the world for being able to use the gift of music to draw others to the heart of Christ.

Reach Out is now available from most Catholic bookstores and to hear preview tracks from Reach Out, visit

For more information, please contact:

That’s Worship Music,


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