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Lisa Live from the Holy Land


Lisa Garland
Think Sphinx...Lisa Garland live from Giza.

Lisa Garland from the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta is reporting for us live from the Holy Land, as she undertakes the 'Exodus Journey' Pilgrimage.

Led by Rouse Hill's Our Lady of the Angels Parish Priest Fr Warren Edwards, the 20-day biblical pilgrimage from Cairo to Jerusalem is making its way through the desert wilderness of the prophets, culminating in the Holy Land of Jesus.

28-29 August - Flight to Egypt

One minute I’m sitting on a plane at Sydney Airport...19 hours later, I’m in Egypt, the beginning of my pilgrimage of ‘The Exodus Journey’.

This is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life and to be doing this particular pilgrimage at only 19, retracing the footsteps of our Lord, Jesus Christ through the Holy Lands is absolutely amazing.

I was a bit hesitant at first to go on this pilgrimage as I would be the only person my age going, but the more I thought about it, the more I realised that I wasn’t going to let something as petty as that stop me from taking this once in a life time opportunity.

We stepped out of Cairo airport and it was just so hot. The air was humid and made it hard to breath. We then hopped onto our bus which took us to our Giza hotel, and by the mercy of God, there was a pool! The rest of the afternoon was free for leisure, to settle in, relax and prepare ourselves to see the pyramids and sphinx tomorrow!

Tonight after dinner, we went to see the sound and light spectacular of the pyramids and sphinx, a sort of show with a voice over explaining the history of these landmarks and lights to make the show look good, however it was a bit of a disappointment.

The pyramids also looked a lot smaller than what I expected. As it was dark, it may just be the angle or distance from which we were watching the show. So I’ll have to wait tomorrow to see the pyramids up close!

'One God who has revealed himself'

Lisa Garland
Lisa scales up her assessment of the size of the Pyramids!
29 August - Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx

Today we were scheduled to visit the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx - I’ve been so excited to visit these awesome landmarks.

It’s one thing to learn about them in Ancient History during my senior years at high school, but it’s like a whole other world seeing them right there in front of you.

Oh, and was I wrong about the pyramids being small last night! They are huge!

Driving up the road to the pyramids the sky was a bit hazy with dust but I could still see how big they were.

Then, we walked right up to the bottom of the base of the biggest pyramid. One stone alone was massive, I tried to imagine these huge stones being moved by slaves and how the hands of man could have built such a structure even without the technology we have now.

As the history of the pyramids and the religion of the Ancient Egyptians was being explained to us, it made me think how blessed we as Catholics are, to have the faith that we do, to know that there is one God who has revealed himself and that there is eternal life with him.

Unfortunately, we were unable to go inside the pyramids but going to see the Sphinx and taking photos made up for it.

Our last stop for the day was the Abu Serga Church. This is the place where the Holy Family took refuge whilst in Egypt.

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