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Lisa Live from the Holy Land: Mt Sinai


Lisa Garland from the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta is reporting for us live from the Holy Land, as she undertakes the 'Exodus Journey' Pilgrimage.

Led by Rouse Hill's Our Lady of the Angels Parish Priest Fr Warren Edwards, the 20-day biblical pilgrimage from Cairo to Jerusalem is making its way through the desert wilderness of the prophets, culminating in the Holy Land of Jesus.

1 September - Mt Sinai

Top of the morning, top of the world

Lisa Garland
Lisa alights her 'ride' at Mt Sinai.
This morning was the best morning of my entire life! Waking up at 1am, dead as a doorknob, I slowly got changed and put on my joggers.

About six of us met at the bus to be taken to the base of Mt Sinai. At this time it wasn’t too cold at all. We were taken by our Mountain Guide to the camels where one by one, we got put on a selected camel. Now, I’ve been on horses before where my legs and so on hurt after a little white, but after half a second of sitting on this camel I was already in pain! I held onto the saddle pretty tight as the camel slowly stood up, it was high than I thought.

The camel took us two thirds of the way up. Looking around me as the camel was walking the track, the sight was beautiful, we were just lost in these rocky mountains, tall, steep and stretching further than I could see. I think it was that moment when I actually looked around to take in my surroundings that it really hit me. I’m retracing the footsteps Moses took to the top of Mt Sinai where he received the Ten Commandments from God!

In my mind, I was just in absolute awe. My reflection of this carried me through a fair part of the journey. We hopped off the camel to walk the last third of the way up the steps. We reached the top, set up our blanket and less than an hour later we were watching the beautiful sun rise over the horizon.

Sitting at the top of Mt Sinai watching the sun rise where Moses had once been, it was just unbelievable! We walked all the way back down the mountain which surprisingly wasn’t as tiring as I thought and made it back to the base at about 8am.

Burning Bush at St Catherine Monastery

Burning Bush
Burning Bush at St Catherine Monastery.

After breakfast, we went to St Catherine Monastery where the burning bush could be seen. We continued our journey to our resort at Taba on the Red Sea. Here, the rest of the afternoon was at leisure and we spent it well snorkelling in the Red Sea.

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