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Lisa live from the Holy Land: Egypt


Lisa Garland from the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta is reporting for us live from the Holy Land, as she undertakes the 'Exodus Journey' Pilgrimage.

Led by Rouse Hill's Our Lady of the Angels Parish Priest Fr Warren Edwards, the 20-day biblical pilgrimage from Cairo to Jerusalem is making its way through the desert wilderness of the prophets, culminating in the Holy Land of Jesus.

30 August - Egyptian Museum & Coptic Orthodox Church of St Mary

Egyptian Museum
The famous Egyptian Museum.
This morning we visited the world famous Egyptian Museum.

As we were pulling up to the museum, the line of people waiting to get in stretched pretty far and this was before the museum was even open. God was once again looking after us as we got to skip the line and go straight in as we had pre booked tickets.

Stepping into the museum, I could see Egyptian artefacts past the crowd of people and could not wait to get a closer look! Our tour guide took us around giving us a lecture on the artefacts we passed. It was one thing to learn about Ancient Egypt in Ancient History during senior years, to see pictures in my textbook and photos, but it was an entirely different thing to see the full pieces in front of me that existed in a civilisation thousands of years ago! I was beyond excited and just couldn’t get over that I was seeing all of it. We looked at sarcophagi, ancient hieroglyphics, statues of pharaoh’s and queens which were huge when I didn’t even stand at half their leg.

We also looked at the treasures of Tutankhamun and all the items (and my goodness there was enough to fit in a couple of houses) that were found in his tomb. It made me think how thankful I am again that we have eternal life with God after this world and materials such as those found in Tutankhamun’s tomb aren’t necessary.

Coptic Orthodox Church of St Mary

Coptic Orthodox Church of St Mary
Coptic Orthodox Church of St Mary.

We then proceeded to say daily Mass at St Joseph’s Church which was absolutely beautiful.

Following Mass, we went to the Coptic Orthodox Church of St Mary where more than 250,000 people witnessed apparitions of Our Lady. We watched a bit of a DVD about the apparitions and had an opportunity to pray in the Church.

To finish off the day, we went to the Khan El Khalili Bazaar, the market place.

Our first warning from the guide: “Don’t look the vendor’s in the eye”, and boy was she right, every shop tried to get me to buy something telling me to come to their store, we even got bombarded by coffee shop owners all at once trying to get us to sit at their cafe.

Although this was very annoying, it was an interesting experience.

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