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Lisa Live from the Holy Land - Sea of Galilee


Lisa Garland from the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta is reporting for us live from the Holy Land, as she undertakes the 'Exodus Journey' Pilgrimage.

Led by Rouse Hill's Our Lady of the Angels Parish Priest Fr Warren Edwards, the 20-day biblical pilgrimage from Cairo to Jerusalem is making its way through the desert wilderness of the prophets, culminating in the Holy Land of Jesus.

September 7 - Sea of Galilee

Lisa Garland on the Sea of Galilee
Lisa live from the Sea of Galilee.

Woo hoo, I got a sleep-in today! 7am wake up call.

Our journey today was centred on the beautiful Sea of Galilee. We were taken in the morning to Tabgha, the site of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes.

Here we had the chance to spend some quiet time to pray in the church which was built over the rock where Jesus multiplied the loaves and fishes. Again it was amazing to sit there and think that Jesus our Lord was right here.

Take away the stone building surrounding it and you’re back there with Jesus. Travelling about five minutes down the road, we came to Capernaum, the centre of Jesus’ teaching and healing and home to Peter the apostle. We could see the ruins of the house well preserved with a very modern church built above the house.

Silence on the sea...

Mass on the Sea of Galiee
Fr Warren Edwards says Mass, floating on the Sea of Galilee.

Next on the agenda was my favourite part of the day, this was one of the highlights I’d been waiting for since I read the brochure for the pilgrimage – a Private Mass floating in the centre of Lake Galilee! Absolutely surreal. Leaving the dock, we all tried to sit on the sides at the front half of the boat that had shade, by the time we got to the centre of the lake; the sun had shifted from the side I was on to the other.

Then the engines quit. Silence.

A few of us just looked around at each other and we were all smiling, the silence and view of the lake and flourishing land surrounding it were beyond beautiful.

I think for me, the sudden silence allowed it to sink in, that I was sitting on the Sea of Galilee that I have heard so much about at Church and in the Bible, where the miracle of Jesus walking on water and calming the storm occurred. I am where Jesus was! I could have sat on that sea for hours just praying.

After departing the boat, we went to see the preserved remains of a first century fishing boat as in the days of Christ.

Following this was a delicious ‘St Peter’s fish’ Lunch. Yummy - freshwater fish from the Sea of Galilee itself!

Just before dinner, most of us went for a swim in the Sea of Galilee as our hotel was right on the shore. However, with the beautiful privilege of this swim and the fresh water came lots and lots of little fish! They kept biting and tickling our feet

Or as Selina (pilgrim from Rouse Hill Parish) says, “affectionately nibbled” on us. ‘Affectionately nibbled’ my foot!...literally.

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