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Diocesan Youth Mass - Alive Again in Christ


Diocesan Youth Mass October 10
Bishop Anthony Fisher with the youth of the Parramatta Diocese

The theme “ALIVE AGAIN IN CHRIST” was made tangible when the young people came together with their shepherd Bishop Anthony to celebrate the Youth Mass at the Diocesan family. The youth of Penrith parish didn’t space a stone to organize this great event in their parish. Their meticulous planning and committed service under the able leadership of Fr. Chris De Souza, the parish priest helped the young hearts to have that profound God experience.

The evening began with Adoration to the Blessed Sacrament and opportunities of the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Number of young people availed themselves of this wonderful opportunity to take the ‘Load off’ their hearts. The presence of Christ amidst us gave the consolation that we are accepted back into the family of God when we turn back to him with contrition.

The Eucharistic celebration began with the melodious singing of the youth choir. Bishop Anthony was the principal celebrant accompanied by number of priests across the Diocese. In his homily Bishop spoke on the meaning of ‘Eucharist’ as thanks giving. He very well connected the Gospel message on the theme of thanks giving by the Samaritan leper.

The young people from our Diocese participated in the Mass very enthusiastically. After the Mass everyone gathered in the hall for a light supper. There were varieties of food spread out well. It was a good opportunity to catch up with the youth of other parishes as well. A dynamic game was conducted to ‘break the ice’. After which the videos which were filmed at the Diocesan Camp were screened. The Bishop was presented with the canvas decorations prepared by the youth groups of the Diocese. The night ended with the opportunity for a group photo.

Thanks to Bishop who celebrated the Mass and gave a beautiful message in his homily.

Thanks to Fr. Chris and his youth group who were so generous to make the day a possibility.

Thanks to the Priests and religious who came in large numbers to show their solidarity to the youth of the Diocese.

Thanks to one and all who participated in the event with great spirit.

Now it is our task to work to get more and more young people to go to World Youth day in 2011. We need to take Jesus to others and others to Jesus. Let us work together in this God given Mission.

Fr. Suresh Kumar MSFS, Diocesan Youth Director

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