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Breakfast with the Bishop - Diocesan Youth Leadership Breakfast


More than 160 youth and young adults enjoyed breakfast together
More than 160 youth and young adults enjoyed breakfast together

One would think that rain, cold and miserable weather would keep the youth & young adults in bed on a Saturday morning, but not those of the Parramatta Diocese! On Saturday 19th March, the first Breakfast with the Bishop for 2011 was held, where over 160 youth and young adults flooded into the Cathedral hall to hear Bishop Anthony Fisher OP speak. Amongst this crowd were youth leaders, teachers and World Youth Day Pilgrims.

Greeting people as they walked through the door was the remarkable sound of ‘Revive’ Music Group – Glenwood/Stanhope Garden’s youth band. Annabelle Cauchi, Diocesan Youth Worker, then welcomed everyone before a delicious cold breakfast was served by Amadeus caterers.

The topic of the morning was ‘Does Catholic Teaching on Sex Make Sense?Bishop Anthony explained the problems that Christians are faced with in the way contemporary society views the human person, sex and relationships. The first was ‘Individualism’. Our very individualistic society tells us that to be happy; we have to have no restrictions. Many see restrictions from freedom, e.g. marriage, children, etc, as the enemy of society. Also influencing the way we think about sexuality is ‘Consumer Mentality’. With this, the body, sexuality and children are designed and controlled. Sex is both overestimated, thinking one cannot be happy if they aren’t having sex constantly, and underestimated, where sex is no more significant that human bodily functions. The third was the ‘Reluctance to Engage in Self Sacrifice’ where many people don’t commit to long terms obligations to God and their partners. Less people choose to marry and our culture advises us to ‘try out’ other people, to experiment and test with numerous people and with different kinds of sex. The fourth was in respect to children. The Bishop explained that safe sex is the prevention of babies, about how our fertility in today’s society is seen as something to be feared, leading to a sterile civilisation. He clarified what sex says. The two inseparable dimensions are life and making love. “Full expression of sexual love is when a married couple gives themselves to each other honestly and completely.”

The talk was followed by a Q and A session giving people the opportunity to share their thanks for Bishop Anthony’s words of wisdom and to ask what was on their mind.

Notices for WYD & upcoming Diocesan Events were announced, finishing with our thanks to Bishop Anthony and all the youth and young adults who came to the Breakfast.


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