Catholic Youth Parramatta

ACYMC: Spiritual Dynamite!


By Philippe Dulawan and team

It was with great anticipation that the day began, a really early morning, blurry eyes and skipped breakfasts. We arrived nice and early and were amused with these selective automatic sliding doors, with people waving madly to try to get them to open. A good morning chuckle, the simple pleasures of life.

The sacredness of the occasion was instilled in us through a traditional aboriginal cleansing ceremony.  A great sense of stillness, with the spirit moving to fill each participant with a gentle calm before a massive wave of buzz was to hit. Many of us had come to nourish ourselves spiritually as turns out physically as well (they had amazing scones). So what better way to start the day than with a sacred mass, celebrated by Bishop Ingham the Bishop of Wollogong our hosts.

After this wonderful celebration we shared morning tea and met our fellow youth ministers from around the country, each state represented.  It was with a great smile, energy and enthusiasm that the Parramatta youth leaders mingled and enjoyed fascinating conversations with our peers throughout this great south land. The sense of encouragement was evident in everyone who were like busy worker bees harvesting the spring flowers with a vibrant cross-pollination of ideas, faith, solutions and funny stories from our ministries. It such a great site to see 350+ other youth ministers working towards the same goals, sharing our pain, successes and dreams, all working for the kingdom.

The smooth running, audio visuals, guest panelists and speakers were all inspiring. This sense of support from our Church was present and on show for everyone to embrace. To see messages and plans from the Bishops, the different dioceses from around the country and other peers in similar situations was a truly heart warming sight to behold.

This energy was then channeled into practical workshops, were leaders in individual fields imparted us with invaluable knowledge from years of experience. Moving from the grand visions of vibrant youth, immersed in faith, these workshops provided the practical ideas of how to achieve this.

As dinner approached an even greater sense of celebration overwhelmed us, as we enjoyed dinner  with our new found friends in Christ. We contineud to bond and form new relationships and networks with some great entertainment and the launch of an exciting event the National Youth conference of Australia in December 2013!!

Some personal highlights were smiling, singing and dancing to Fr Robert Galea music! What a very very very happy priest who got us all on our feet to some classic hyms that we could try out in mass; One Direction “What makes you Beautiful” and Taio Cruz “Dynamite”!! All for the Glory of the Lord! Whilst this was going on a Catholic moshpit had formed, jumping for joy as ”God does not make Rubbish”. To add to this exuberance, when Dynamite was playing we and some friends from the Wagga Diocese got Bishop Ingham to “Throw your hands up in the air” on the dance floor, he didn’t quite go “on, on, on, on” but he definitely did “let go” and “light it up like its dynamite”. In a word (or two) today was some “Spiritual Dynamite” and there’s two days to go!!

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