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Diocese of Parramatta Seminiarians George Stanton, Jack Elkazzi and Jessie Duan Balorio
New Seminarians for the Diocese of Parramatta George Stanton, Jack Elkazzi and Jessie Duan Balorio. Read more here. Photography: Alphonsus Fok

Whatever it is that has brought you to this page, you are very welcome.

I’m sure you could be described in many ways, whether according to your interests, background or talents. Well, I’m going to take a punt on at least one description of you!

I’m going to suggest that one of following three descriptions; a), b) or c) applies to you. See if I’m right:

a) You are thinking about your direction and purpose. You want your life to make a difference. It’s important to you to have a sense that God blesses and supports what you’re thinking.

b) You are someone who is capable of praying for and/or encouraging others to take their best steps in life; for themselves, for God and for God’s people. 

c)  Both a) and b) above.

Well, if a), b) or c) applies to you, I really hope that you feel at home and among kindred spirits as you look through what’s here.

The concept of ‘vocation’ applies to every person’s life, for if we listen well, we discover that God calls each of us to play a part in his mission here on the earth. Whether in single life commitments, relationship and marriage, the religious life, priesthood or diaconate, each such commitment of loving forms part of Christ’s dream of life and unity.

As Vocation Director for the Diocese of Parramatta, I often refer people to others who can have a good chat with them about any vocational thought or direction. I have some great contacts among men and women in the religious life, marriage etc. As well, I spend a lot of time chatting mostly with younger men, some older too, who’ve thought about the priesthood.

With the help of others, I also offer a program of activities and reflection times throughout each year to support people in such thinking. This has helped a good number of guys to move peacefully in other directions. And it’s also helped a good number to clarify their thoughts and to take good further steps towards diocesan or religious life priesthood.

So, give me a confidential call if you’d like, if any of these comments speak to you. It will be good to say hello.

Cheers, blessings and encouragement

Fr Warren Edwards
M 0409 172 700
E vocations@parra.catholic.org.au

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Q: I’m thinking about priesthood. But can a priest know much about family life without having his own family?

A: Thanks for your question. A couple of immediate thoughts come to mind that might help your thoughts.

Firstly, every seminarian comes from a family himself and when he’s ordained he doesn’t stop being part of that family.

In fact, last Christmas, when I was in a new parish, a nice couple asked if I’d like to join them for Christmas lunch. I thanked them heaps but said I’d be with my parents, sister and brothers and all my nieces and nephews. The lady smiled and said something relevant: ‘I guess we have you serving us as a priest and forget that you’re part of a flesh and blood family like us!’ 

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