Support for Your Thoughts

The prayers, quotes, reflections, ideas and activities provided below may help you discover if your true calling is to the path of the priesthood.


Some prayers for your vocation
‘A prayer for me and my life’

‘A prayer for priests for Parramatta Diocese’
Rosary for Vocations
‘Praying the Rosary for your vocation’ (or for someone else)

Scripture Passages for a specific ‘VOCATIONS APPROACH’ to the Rosary

An outline of the Mysteries
Quotes & Reflections
From John Henry Newman

From Oscar Romero

From Parker Palmer
Ideas & Activities
Believe God

Write your prayer

Write your prayer

Serve now

Talk in trust

Letter file to God

The Word of God

Christ’s Real Presence

Christ’s Real Presence

Ever tried a Mission Statement?

Are you called to the priesthood?

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