Seminary Daily Life

A typical day at the Holy Spirit Seminary starts with morning prayer and Eucharist celebrated in the chapel. The day also includes Midday Prayer, Evening Prayer with Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, private prayer and contemplation.

It concludes with night prayer after the seminarians have returned from any evening classes, pastoral activities or visits. The shared meal table is a key place of life and friendship.

Various days are spent attending classes and personal and spiritual formation opportunities, participating in parish ministry or other ministry experiences, as well as time for prayer and reflection, study, recreation, exercise and other hobbies and interests.

Holiday periods abbreviate the year including an extended summer vacation. Seminarians pursue a range of work, travel and personal interest priorities during these times. The regular ‘day off’ is Saturday (starting Friday pm) when the seminarians pursue various personal, social and recreational interests or use the time to work on their studies or simply to take some quiet time.

Seminarians undertake the Diocese's program of Priestly formation after having undertaken an initial period of inquiry, discernment and aspirancy overseen by the Diocesan Vocation Director, Fr Warren Edwards.

See the process outlined on this site (click here).