Inside the Holy Spirit Seminary

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Photo: Alphonsus Fok & Grace Lu.
Situated in the suburb of St Marys, near Penrith, Holy Spirit Seminary is a house in the Catholic Parramatta Diocese where future priests undergo preparation for ordination.

In 2011, ten young men will either begin or continue their training, which normally takes seven years.

While seven years may seem a long time, there is much to do and those years can pass very quickly.

The Seminarians currently with Holy Spirit Seminary are all candidates for this Diocese and come from all corners of the globe, including Australia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Papua New Guinea.

This multicultural aspect to seminary life provides an environment in recognising and experiencing the true universal nature of the Catholic Church.

It is also an enriching milieu of cross-cultural learning which will be of enormous benefit to future priests in the rapidly changing face of our Diocese.

Please pray for all our current and future Seminarians on their path to the priesthood.

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