Preparing for the priesthood in the spirit of brotherhood and homeliness

Holy Spirit Seminary is the home base and place of personal and spiritual formation for those preparing for the Priesthood for the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta.

Our Seminary is marked by a spirit of brotherhood and homeliness as formation and growth occurs in the four key focus areas; human, spiritual, intellectual, and pastoral. The seminary has a rector/leader in Fr John Hogan and a team of committed support people who assist the seminarians in these areas during their seminary lives and preparation for ordination.

Diocesan connection and Fellow student connection

From the very first year, Seminarians are attached to Parishes of the Diocese where they head each week to pursue ministry placements. Here they refine their experience and develop friendships and belonging in the Diocese. Much is shared as the brothers return and share their seminary table, chapel, recreational time and home.

A trip down the M4 takes our Seminarians to the Catholic Institute of Sydney (Strathfield) where courses are pursued along with some Seminarians from other Dioceses and many men and women of the Laity who are enrolled. This is another typical source of deep and lasting friendships as is the diocese's Institute for Mission (Blacktown) and the Broken Bay Institute where some courses and programmes can be completed.

Cultures, growth and vision

The Holy Spirit Seminary is home to locally born men as well as those who have come here from other cultures. As such it is truly reflective of the rich make-up of the Church of Parramatta Diocese. The Diocese has great trust that its need for Priests along with the great spirit of its current Seminary community will draw other hope-filled young men of faith and goodness to have the courage to listen to the call. Although the new Seminary will be necessarily larger to respond to the need, the commitment to keeping it as a personal, brotherly and homely environment of belonging and life is non-negotiable…features prized as a ‘brand’ for the Diocese’s Priestly formation process.

Seminarians undertake the Diocese's program of Priestly formation after having undertaken an initial period of inquiry, discernment and aspirancy overseen by the Diocesan Vocation Director, Fr Warren Edwards. See the process outlined on this site.

You are welcome to contact Fr Warren. Email: (click here)