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Parramatta Marist Vocations Day News Story
Catholic Diocese of Parramatta Vocation Director and Holy Trinity Granville Parish Priest Fr Paul Roberts speaks with Parramatta Marist High students at the vocations day.

Parramatta Marist High School in Westmead has received an inspiring insight into vocations from priests, brothers, lay people and teachers on Monday 29 November.

The vocations day for Year 10 students, organised by Marist brother and Parramatta Marist science coordinator Br Anthony Robertson, gave the students the chance to listen and learn about vocations to the priesthood, religious life, teaching and married life. The students also teamed up to present their ideas about vocation to the visiting priests and brothers.

Among the speakers were Vocation Director for the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta and Holy Trinity Granville Parish Priest Fr Paul Roberts and St Anthony’s Toongabbie Parish Priest Paul Marshall. Other speakers were Marist postulant Daniel Lynch and Marist brothers Patrick Howlett (Parramatta Marist Principal), Anthony Robertson (Parramatta Marist teacher), Michael Flanagan, Bertrand Webster, Brian Tanguan, Roy Arthur and Julian Quinlan, along with Parramatta Marist teachers Gavin Hays and Donagh D’Silva, and Pio Jang from South Korea who is considering a vocation to the priesthood.

Understanding our call to serve others

Parramatta Marist Vocation Day News Story
Br Julian Quinlan listens to students at the vocation day.
Br Anthony said the experience helped the students to better understand the different ways people are called to live out their faith and serve the mission of the Church.

"It is by understanding Jesus’ call we understand our own call to serve others," Br Anthony said. "The vocations day is an important opportunity for the students to learn about the mission of people in vocation and to express their own opinions and ideas.

"It’s also a chance for us to learn about how young people see us."

Parramatta Marist Principal Br Patrick Howlett was pleased with the way the students made the most of the opportunities during the vocation day.

"I was very happy with the enthusiastic and positive response by the students in considering and reflecting on their own vocational calling," Br Patrick said.

Parramatta Marist student, Scott Jackson, said the day gave him a better understanding of, and respect for, people who choose a vocation in the priesthood or religious life.

"It’s given me a whole different view about what it is like to be a priest or brother," Scott said. "It was interesting to hear about what has inspired these people to follow their faith and how they have helped people around the world."

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