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Catholic Education Parramatta Diocese

Catholic Education, Parramatta Diocese supports the 78 Catholic schools of the diocese in delivering the highest educational outcome for every one of its student 41,000 students.

In its ministry in Catholic schools, Catholic Education strives, as a work of love, for the full human development of students, grounded in the teachings of Christ and at the service of society.

All staff share in the evangelising mission of the Church, as they endeavour to bring culture and faith into harmony in their school and their communities. Priests, parents, students and staff work in partnership to realise this mission.

As well as the 78 systemic schools in the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta (56 primary and 22 secondary), the diocese is also home to six congregational schools.

For all information on Catholic schools within the diocese, please visit
Catholic Education, Diocese of Parramatta.

Catholic Education, Diocese of Parramatta

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