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Faith in Our Future Blog - February 2013

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Bishop Anthony addresses the Blue Mountains Deanery


It is almost a year since our pastoral planning process began and we are excited about the future possibilities to unfold. On Monday night (4 February 2013), Bishop Anthony addressed the communities of the Blue Mountains, noting the feedback gathered through our consultation process last year.

Additionally, the Bishop outlined a proposal to utilise some of the existing diocesan land at Springwood to fund additional liturgical, sacramental and social programs for the Catholic community in the area and noted that the Mountains are not on the periphery of the life of the Diocese but central to it. Speaking to the 150 people gathered, Bishop Anthony remarked:


“I want to thank you all for participating so enthusiastically in the pastoral planning process so far. From the meetings in this deanery there emerged a clear consciousness that the Church in this region has many strengths. While not big parishes in population terms compared with many in our diocese, they are historic communities with a strong sense of local heritage and identity, led by committed clergy in partnership with laypeople who have readily assumed an expanding role. You have expressed a willingness to collaborate between parishes, sharing gifts and ministries in areas such as RCIA and youth. You told the pastoral planning team that you’re proud of your children’s Masses, the relationships between parish and school, and of activities in hospitality, adult education, awareness of Indigenous history and care of the poor.”

He went on to say:

“I have very high hopes for the Mountains, as I do for the rest of our diocese. We should have faith in our future and be confident that a new wave of spiritual and pastoral energy will wash across our region as occurred in those pioneering days when communities, churches, parishes, schools and halls were first being built here. But that will require God’s grace and our openness to working ‘smarter’ and working together.”

The Pastoral Plan will, I expect, have ideas on promoting not only priestly vocations, but vocations to the permanent diaconate and various lay ministries. We will continue to depend hugely upon the generosity of volunteers. But we may also need in the future to employ more people in tasks that free up our clergy to do their distinctive work and that supplement their efforts in areas such as sacramental preparation and youth ministry. In this Year of Faith commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the Second Vatican Council, we are acutely aware of what a watershed that Council proved to be in promoting co-responsibility and lay involvement in ministry and the complementarity of our diverse vocations.”

You can read the full address at our Diocesan website. Simply click on this link

Yours in Christ,

Daniel Ang

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