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Survey for the Ordinary Synod on Family 2015


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By Family & Life Office Director Ben Smith

In October this year, a number of married couples from around the world gave their testimonies on the joys and challenges of their family life at the Extraordinary Synod on the Family in Rome. These testimonies were an important part of the dialogue at the Synod that helped focus discussion on how the Church should shape its pastoral efforts to support marriage and family life in the modern world. The Extraordinary Synod was also drawing on responses from a global survey conducted at the end of 2013 that was used to develop the preparatory document for the Extraordinary Synod.

In the spirit of dialogue, Pope Francis wishes to receive further feedback from Catholics on the outcome of the Extraordinary Synod to help the Church prepare for the Ordinary Synod on the Family that is scheduled for 4-25 October 2015. The Catholic Diocese of Parramatta would appreciate some of your time to fill in this survey so that we can help shape the response that the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference will send to Rome in April 2015. Feel free to answer all or only some of the questions that most interest you.

Family and Life Office

The Family and Life Office for the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta was established in June 2014 as one of the first fruits of the Diocese’s pastoral plan, Faith in Our Future. The mission of the Family & Life Office is to proclaim and support the Church’s teaching on pro-life issues, marriage, family life and relationships, among Catholics in the Diocese as well as in the broader community. The Office is responsible for the management, coordination and delivery of resources, programs and events to support its mission in parishes, deaneries, migrant communities and venues across the Diocese in alignment with the family initiatives outlined in Faith in our Future. The Office is working in collaboration with the ministries and agencies of the Diocese, including CatholicCare Social Services, the Catholic Education Office, the Institute for Mission and Catholic Youth Parramatta.

Over the last six months, the Office has been involved in a significant amount of consultation with the agencies, deaneries, priests and the laity of the Diocese. It has been exciting for the Family and Life Office to be getting started at a time when marriage and the family are high profile issues as a result of the Synod of the Family. The Family and Life Office is very interested in hearing from you about what can be done to support marriage and family life in this Diocese. This survey presents a great opportunity for you to provide your feedback.

Participate in the Survey for the Ordinary Synod on Family 2015 here.

If you further questions about the online survey, please contact: BSmith@parra.catholic.org.au

Survey closes Friday 30 January 2015.

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