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St Camillus still inspires after 400 years


Catholic Outlook October 2014: Camillians
The Camillian community (from left): Fr Domingo, Westmead Hospital; Fr Jojo, now serving in Taiwan; Fr Giulio, Italian Community and Chaplain Blacktown Hospital; Fr Marcello, Children’s Hospital; Fr Dado, Parish Priest of Westmead Parish and chaplain to Cumberland and Westmead Private Hospitals; Fr Reggie, Mt Druitt/Nepean Hospitals; and Br Eric (retired).

Originally published in Catholic Outlook October 2014

By Michelle Davis

In 2002, the Ministers of the Infirm, affectionately known throughout the world as the Camillians, arrived in the Diocese of Parramatta to serve the sick and suffering as chaplains in hospitals across the Diocese.

They are the full-time chaplains at Westmead Hospital, Blacktown Hospital, Nepean Hospital, Mt Druitt Hospital and the Children’s Hospital Westmead. They also provide chaplaincy services at Westmead Private Hospital and Cumberland Hospital.

Fr Dado Haber is the Parish Priest of Sacred Heart Parish, Westmead, and Superior of the Camillians in Australia. The Camillians serve on every continent of the world. Australia is a region of the Filipino Province.

On 13 July, Westmead Parish and the Camillian Fathers and wider Camillian family came together for a Mass at Sacred Heart Church to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the death of St Camillus on 14 July 1614.

The Lay Camillian Family was officially launched during the Mass. Its members work beside the fathers in various ministries and are inspired by the work, life and spirituality of St Camillus de Lellis. They are nurses, pastoral carers, carers and extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist.

“Put more Heart in your Hands”

Catholic Outlook October 2014: Camillians
Chaplains (standing, from left): Dodie Jalosjos, Michelle Davis, Michael Kukla, Ramon Vergara, Mary and Pio Vergara; (seated) Kaori Ochiai, Annie Vergara and Joseph Simon.

From the very beginning of the Ministers of the Infirm, St Camillus had lay helpers assisting him with the corporal and spiritual works of mercy.

St Camillus inspires us today, as he did his followers centuries ago.

St Camillus was born on 25 May 1550. He was a soldier and after his conversion served the sick for 39 years. He was beatified by Benedict XIV in 1742 and canonised in 1746.

He was called the founder of a new school of charity which saw the poor and the sick as the Heart of God; in serving them Camillus stated, we serve Jesus the Christ.

Today there is a wider Camillian family of priests, brothers, two orders of sisters and lay Camillians. Each strives to serve Christ in the sick – Camillus would say to his priest “Put more Heart in your Hands” and he urged the priests to “Be like mothers caring for your only sick child”. Today it is with this gentleness and compassion the Camillians serve the sick.

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If you are interested in finding out more about the order of the Ministers of the Infirm (Camillians) contact Fr Dado at Westmead Parish tel (02) 9635 9262. If you are interested in finding out more about the Lay Camillians contact Michelle Davis: michelled95@hotmail.com
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