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Seminarian: We can now reap the rewards


Catholic Outlook November 2014: Holy Spirit Seminary
Blessing of the new site of Holy Spirit Seminary in Harris Park, 26 May 2013. Photography: Alphonsus Fok

Originally published in Catholic Outlook November 2014

Jack Green
Jack Green.

By Diocesan Seminarian Jack Green

St Ignatius of Antioch wrote several letters that speak of the union between bishops and their flock.

In one such letter, commending the union of the faithful with their bishop he says: “It is profitable, therefore, that you should live in an unblameable unity, that thus you may always enjoy communion with God.”

For the past four years we have enjoyed such communion through the zealous guidance of Archbishop Anthony Fisher. Communion is a great good for the Church, so the farewell of our Bishop brings much sadness.

However, this is not the end. His leave of us is certainly sad but as Archbishop of Sydney, Archbishop Anthony will still play a major part in the life of Catholics across Australia.

Just as we have enjoyed the fruits of his great apostolate so, too, the Church in Sydney and beyond can reap the rewards of his labour.

There are many good things that have come through Archbishop Anthony’s see, for which we ought to thank God, but I wish to highlight one in particular. Over the past four years Archbishop Anthony has drawn the gaze of Catholics in this Diocese to the true source of light and life, Jesus Christ, and its effects have been telling.

The sadness of this farewell is only heightened by the fact that we have been guided by this Shepherd to the One from whom all good things come. This bishop of youth has followed the counsel of St John Paul II, and opened wide the doors of the hearts of Catholics in Western Sydney to Christ.

This has been the great grace of Archbishop Anthony’s tenure as Bishop of Parramatta and whilst we have not lost the One to whom he has guided us, we must bid him, the guide, farewell.

So, in thanks for the graces received and with promise of prayers and hope of blessings, we bid you farewell. May God go with you.

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