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Project Compassion 2015: life-saving food and care in Niger


Mariama is raising her daughter in a country that suffers widespread poverty and inequity. When her little girl becomes malnourished, she receives life-saving food and care at a Nutrition Centre supported by Caritas Australia.

Project Compassion 2015: Niger
François Therrien

For most of us, it’s almost impossible to imagine what it would be like to live from day-to-day without enough food to eat. But for Mariama and her family, it’s a reality they confront daily.

Mariama’s mother tries to support the family by selling vegetables on the side of the road. But her tiny, inconsistent income often means the family doesn’t have enough money to buy food. As a result, Mariama’s young daughter, Fati, is often sick and recently became malnourished.

Thankfully, Mariama found life-saving help at a Nutrition Centre run by Caritas Australia’s local partners in Niger, CAFOD (UK Caritas) and CADEV (Caritas Niger). The Nutrition Centre cares for malnourished children like Fati, and provides them with medical care, nutritional supplements and essential food so they can recover from malnutrition.

“Those who come to the Centre are mostly the poorest of the poor,” says Sr Francesca, a staff member at the Nutrition Centre.

The program of food and care that Fati is currently receiving at the Nutrition Centre has given the young girl a second chance at life. As Fati recovers physically, Mariama is strengthening her spirit and sense of hope with the help of counselling received through the Nutrition Centre. Mariama has also taken a sewing course that means she will be able to earn an income and secure a better future for them both. Mariama is filled with hope and gratitude.

“I am very happy,” she says. “I would like to say a big thank you to Australian people for all their support to the Nutrition Centre.”

Yes, you can make a real difference. Together we can help the poorest of the poor live a life of dignity. We can help them become self-sufficient so they don’t need to rely on charity. Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. Make a donation to Project Compassion here.

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