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New South Wales 2015 State Election Guide


New South Wales 2015 State Election Guide News Story

The NSW State Election will be held on Saturday 28 March 2015.

The Diocesan Administrator, Very Rev Peter G Williams, recently made the following statement about elections in his Letter in the March 2015 issue of the diocesan magazine, Catholic Outlook:

“It is imperative that we Catholics fully inform ourselves before exercising our democratic rights by voting so that our choice will be shaped by our belief in Christ and our desire that in all things the common good might be sought so that we live in a society where the principles of justice, peace, fairness and respect for human dignity prevail. Policies that entrench divisions within the community, or tend to rupture the fabric of society by ‘social engineering’, have the potential to undermine families and individuals and their ability to authentically live out the Gospel in their lives. As responsible citizens we should properly exercise our democratic right and do so in a prayerful way making that decision based on what will bring about the greater good for all the people of our state.”

In the interests of helping Catholics to be fully informed, the Diocesan Family & Life Office has worked with the Life, Marriage & Family Centre in the Archdiocese of Sydney to put together an Election Guide to summarise the position of various NSW political parties on issues regarding the sanctity of life, marriage, Catholic school funding and religious freedom.

To download a copy of the Election Guide click here click here

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