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Former Sydney Archbishop Edward Clancy dies


Former Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal Edward Clancy, has died at the age of 90.
Cardinal Edward Clancy

With Kerry Myers

Edward "Ted" Clancy was unarguably a true and faithful son of the Church.

He was also respected, reserved, pastoral, trusted and trustworthy, disciplined, hard-working, focused and, in private, a dry-witted and charming man, regarded by many as one of the great archbishops of Sydney.

It was Clancy's support, especially in Rome, that resulted in the eventual canonisation of Australia's first saint, Mary MacKillop.

Edward Bede Clancy, who died early on Sunday at the age of 90, served as archbishop between 1983 and 2001, years that saw the church in Sydney undergo great change.

Clancy was born in Lithgow, New South Wales on 13 December 1923 and he later attended Parramatta Marist Old Boys in 1939 to study Latin, prior to entering the seminary.

From there he went to St Columba’s seminary in Springwood, which is now in the Parramatta diocese.

On October 25, 1973 Pope Paul VI named him Auxiliary Bishop of Sydney. Given responsibility for western Sydney, Clancy became affectionately known as the "Bishop of Blacktown" until he moved on from his post in 1978. On 12 February 1983 he was appointed Archbishop of Sydney and he petitioned Pope JP2 to separate the Parramatta and Sydney Dioceses.

Clancy's legacy will only be truly appreciated in years to come, says Monsignor Tony Doherty, who agrees his friend should be considered one of the "great" archbishops of Sydney.

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