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Courtney’s Brasserie cooks up a storm for CatholicCare Parramatta


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Catholic Outlook September 2014: Courtney’s Brasserie
Owner and chef Paul Kuipers has a wealth of local produce on his doorstep, which is reflected in Courtney’s menu. Photo: Neil Griffiths.

Originally published in Catholic Outlook September 2014

The marriage preparation and enrichment courses offered by CatholicCare Social Services, Diocese of Parramatta have been given a boost through a community partnership with Courtney’s Brasserie in Parramatta.

The owner of Courtney’s, Paul Kuipers, has worked in Parramatta for the past 30 years and lived in various areas of the Diocese of Parramatta including Windsor and the Blue Mountains.

Paul said he had seen a number of changes in the business hub of Western Sydney since he started out as an apprentice in 1988, when he was 15.

“It’s changed a lot and for the better,” Paul said. “For example in 1988 there were just a few restaurants, including City Express and Courtney’s.

“You could name all the restaurants in Parramatta and you could count them on two hands … now the city is thriving.”

The restaurant changes its menu every day to suit the produce it sources locally, but Paul said beer battered prawns and a dessert soufflé were always on the menu.

Paul claims to have solved one of the great mysteries in cooking – convincing people to eat Brussel sprouts.

“People say they don’t like Brussel sprouts, but I can cook Brussel sprouts and people like them. The secret is to deep fry them really quickly.

“Then you get a hot pan with butter and throw garlic in it and toss the Brussel sprouts in the pan. Then you add salt and pepper and people say ‘gee, they’re really good!’”

Paul also knows the secret to a good marriage. He met his wife, Deanne, at a Catholic youth group and they have been married for nearly 20 years.

Paul and Deanne have two children who attend St Columba’s Catholic College in Springwood.

Deanne also teaches Kindergarten at Our Lady of the Way Primary at Emu Plains.

Courtney’s Brasserie is open from noon on Tuesdays to Fridays and from 5.30pm on Saturdays. To visit the website click here
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