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Coalition Government maintains its support of the traditional definition of marriage



People are being encouraged to thank their Federal Coalition MPs after the Government decided to maintain its support of the traditional definition of marriage.

Overwhelmingly, two-thirds of Coalition MPs voted in favour of maintaining the position of voting as a block along party lines, rather than permit members to have a conscience vote on the issue after a five and a half hour party room meeting last night.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott stated, “There was a strong view in the party room today that if we were to drop the policy, even if we were to adjust the policy to the extent of having a free vote, a lot of the people who voted for us were going to feel dudded.”

Abbott stressed that there was strong support for the existing position that the coalition has held since 2004 - that marriage is between a man and a woman.

The Prime Minister also suggested that the Coalition’s policy on this issue for the next election is yet to be finalised.

Some policy options include the possibility of a free vote, a plebiscite or a referendum to be held in the next term of parliament.

Groups supporting natural marriage such as the Marriage Alliance, Australian Christian Lobby and the Australian Marriage Forum have welcomed the outcome of yesterday’s Coalition party room meeting.

Managing Director of the Australian Christian Lobby, Lyle Shelton, has emphasized that yesterday’s result is “a much-needed reprieve; but it is not a final victory.”



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