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Catholic Mission launches 2014 World Mission appeal


World Vision Month video: ‘When I grow up, I want to be alive’

Originally published in Catholic Outlook October 2014

Catholic Mission’s campaign for World Mission Month in October focuses on Jamaica – a country troubled by violence and crime – with the theme ‘When I grow up I want to be alive’.

Throughout World Mission Month, celebrated by Catholics worldwide, the campaign will highlight the work of brave missionaries, like Marist Missionary Sr Teresia Tinanisolo, who are helping Jamaica’s youth living in the dangerous ghettos to break the cycle of violence in the country, through the power of education and the spirit of Jesus Christ.

With the second highest rate of gun killings in the world, great support is needed to help create a brighter future for the people of Jamaica, particularly the youth living in the most dangerous areas, many of whom will not make it past their 30th birthday.

During World Mission Month, Catholic Mission will be sharing with Catholics across Australia the moving story of Sr Teresia, who, despite attempts on her own life, remains dedicated to improving the lives of people in her community of Mount Salem in Montego Bay.

Towards a safer and more hope-filled future

Catholic Outlook October 2014: Catholic Mission
During World Mission Month this year, all Australians are invited to reach out and help the people of Jamaica.

Supported by Catholic Mission, Sr Teresia runs the Holy Family Self Help Centre, which conducts vocational skills training programs in cooking, hospitality, sewing, literacy and computer skills for people seeking a better future for themselves and their families.

Catholic Mission’s National Director, Martin Teulan, said such work represented hope for Jamaica.

I feel great comfort knowing that the Catholic Church and dedicated missionaries like Sr Teresia are reaching out and offering life-saving spiritual and practical support to those in desperate need,” he said.

“This World Mission Month, I invite all Australians to reach out and help the people of Jamaica who are struggling to break this vicious cycle of violence and crime.

Through initiatives such as the Holy Family Self Help Centre and non-violence classes for children, we can help guide the youth of Jamaica towards a safer and more hope-filled future.”

The powerful DVD ‘When I grow up, I want to be alive’ can be viewed at www.catholicmission.org.au/JamaicaDVD 

For more information, to make a donation or to view and download resources, please visit www.catholicmission.org.au/Jamaica

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