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10/04/2011 until 31/05/2011

A message from Parish President, Jim Taggart:


Dear brothers and sisters

I really need your help please. As you know we are having our parish dinner dance on the 23rd of July at
Castle Hill RSL. The major focus of the event is to come together and enjoy each other's friendship, and
time as a parish, and coupled with this is also the intention of raising much-needed funds to help refurbish
our Church. I'm asking you would you please get behind it in a number of ways, and support it through your
time and energy and any resources that you may have that will help this event.

For example I need help in the following areas;

. More volunteers
. Auction items
. More ticket sellers at Mass


 The success of our parish fundraising event will be also determined by the number of volunteers who help
get behind this wonderful event. We really need a lot more people to help obtain auction items, sell raffle
tickets, and yet just generally do a whole range of things. I really need your help; please don't leave it to
other people. I know that we are all busy in our lives, but I am appealing to you to contact me and get
behind this event. I can adopt the same attitude and say I'm busy, I work too much, I run a business, or I'm
involved in things; what would happen if we all did that, so please simply step up to the plate and help me.

The auction items

If you are in a position to be able to provide some goods and/or services for the silent auction then I would
be appreciative. For example if you have a holiday place, some goods, wine, restaurant vouchers, movie
tickets, and so on; anything that we can use that would be really appreciated.
I am really looking towards people donating bottles of wine which we can use in raffles, and a whole range
of things, so please if you have anything, it doesn't matter how small, we can use it. Secondly if you are in
business you might like to advertise in our booklet, or advertise on the night. I will be contacting a number
of people in our Parish who are in business to try and see whether you would like to promote and showcase
your business in a number of ways. Your help in this area would be most grateful.

Regarding the raffle tickets, end of each Mass between now and July we will be selling raffle tickets. The
raffle tickets are only two dollars each, or 10 tickets in a book at two dollars each and get the 11th ticket
free. My estimations are with 2,200 parishioners we can raise something like $20,000 from selling the raffle
tickets so please get behind and buy a booklet or take them to work, or amongst the family, and sell them. It
is one way of getting behind this event.

Parish dinner dance

 I believe that the pricing of our Parish dinner dance is very good. The tickets are $65 each which covers
food and a wonderful evening of entertainment by a very good parishioner and friend Joey Fimmano and his
band. They will provide a wonderful evening of dancing and entertainment. The food will be first class, and
the general overall tone of the evening will be a really great one. Please get behind it and organise a table
with your friends. All you need to do is to get five couples together and the table is is organised. We are
hoping to raise about $30000 - $40,000 from the evening with about 300 of our wonderful parishioners.

I don't think this is a tall order if we all get behind it!

In Summary

Father Joe has asked me to help organise this event. I can't do it by myself, and I certainly can't have it
successful to the level that I'd like it to be by myself. There is a small group of us trying to raise much-
needed funds to help improve our Church with new carpet, air-conditioning, and extensions.

I believe that in order to reach the goals of your Parish and mine, we need to spend about $1.5 million.

We can't do that by not doing anything. If we want this event to be successful then we have to get behind it.
I'm asking everyone please to get behind it and help where you can. This is our home and with your help
we can achieve anything, so please don't leave it to others. Let's together work in this and achieve great
results. Should you wish to help me in any way by providing goods, or your time, or any other resources,
my email address and phone numbers are below.

Kind Regards,

Dr. Jim Taggart OAM

Managing Director

DBA, B.A., M.A., M.Comm, Dip Teach, QPIB, CFP, FChFP

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