Our Lady of the Rosary Parish Kellyville

Local Catholic Schools

Our Lady of the Rosary Primary in Kellyville and St Angela’s Primary in Castle Hill are two schools meeting the spiritual and educational needs of primary students in Our Lady of the Rosary Kellyville Parish.

Our Lady of the Rosary Primary Kellyville

Our Lady of the Rosary Primary is a vibrant Catholic primary school committed to life-giving care and quality education.

As a faith community which reflects God's love, the school values, celebrates and promotes:

  • Its Catholic identity
  • respect and care of self, others and the environment
  • the uniqueness and achievements of each individual
  • lifelong learning and quality teaching
  • school and community spirit
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St Angela's Primary Castle Hill

St Angela's Primary is an educating community with the children at the centre of its endeavours. The school's mission as educators is to identify the unique potential in each child and call it forth so that it is developed within the framework of:

  • an integrated curriculum
  • the aspirations of the family
  • the values and faith of the Parish community
  • the present and future needs of a society which promotes justice and peace
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Catholic Eduation, Parramatta Diocese

Our Lady of the Rosary Primary and St Angela's Primary are a part of Catholic Education, Parramatta Diocese.

Catholic Education, Parramatta Diocese supports the 77 Catholic schools of the diocese in delivering the highest educational outcome for every one of its student 41,000 students.

In its ministry in Catholic schools, Catholic Education strives, as a work of love, for the full human development of students, grounded in the teachings of Christ and at the service of society.

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