Our Lady of the Rosary Parish Kellyville

Ministries, Groups and Volunteers

Garden Mass & Adoration

Garden Mass last Saturday of each month at 11am in the Friary Gardens

Contact:  Br Jerry ph. 02 9629 1558 

Children's Liturgy  

All children are welcome to join in at the 9am and 11am Sunday Mass each week

Contact:  Naomi Crowley  ph. 0412 399 026

Altar Servers  Contact:  Jerome Emmanuel  ph. 0417 695 130

Acolytes  Contact:  Pairsh Office  ph. 02 9629 2595

Counters/Cleaners  Contact:  Parish Office  ph. 02 9629 2595

Readers/Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Contact:  Parish Office  ph. 02 9629 2595

Parish Pastoral Council  Meets Third Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm.

Contact:  Fr Alejandro Lopez  ph. 02 9629 2595

Parish Finance Committee  Contact:  Fr Alejandro Lopez  ph. 02 9629 2595

Baptism Preparation  The first Tuesday of each month at 7.30pm in Parish Office.

Contact:  Annette Tan    ph.  02 9629 2912 

Sacramental Program  Contact:  Erin Kennedy  ph. 02 9629 2595

Secular Franciscan Order  Contact:  Peter Murphy  ph. 0419 647 301

Youth Group     Meets every 1st Sunday of the month after 6pm Mass

Contact: Anastasia Boulus  ph. 0428 364 146 

Sacrificial Giving Envelopes

Envelopes are available from the Parish Office. Donations to Planned Giving are in the strictest confidence. Regular Credit card donations are also available.

Contact:  Parish Office     ph. 02 9629 2595

House bound (Holy Communion/Visitation)

Contact:  Parish Office  ph. 02 9629 2595

Catechist Co-ordinator 

There is an ongoing need for Catechists to teach at public primary schools each week.

Contact:  Parish Office  ph. 02 9629 2595

Parish Activities/Fundraising

Contact:  Parish Office     ph. 02 9629 2595

Christ's Catholic Community

Meets every Wednesday night at 7pm in the Parish hall. Music and singing included

Contact:  Joe Apap     ph. 0402 089 555

Couples for Christ  Contact: Mar Estera    ph.  0433 655 363

Youth for Christ  Contact: Del and Jun Galang     ph. 0430 141 025

Our Lady of Fatima Home Rosary   Meets each Monday evening at 7pm

Contact:  Rod and Elvira Tandingan   ph. 0424 047 948

Faith Formation Group    Meets each Thursday from 10am - 11.30am and also at 7pm - 8.30pm in the Parish Office.

Contact:  Denise Youl     ph. 0457 651 151

Outreach Group  Contact: Sue Buckingham   ph. 02 9629 1860

Divine Mercy Devotion  Weekly on Mondays in our Parish church at 7pm Mass

Contact:  Steven Boland    ph. 0405 206 695

Out of School Hours  (OOSH)   Contact:  Danielle ph. 0405 342 428

Tuesday Play Group    Contact:  Chantel  ph. 0448 083 862

Legion of Mary  Meets each Thursday at 7.30pm in the Friary. 

Contact:  Josephine Calangi     ph. 02 8824 7754

Music Ministry  Contact:  Mar Estera     ph.  0433 655 363

Community of the Risen Lord   Meets each Friday from 7.30-9.30pm in the hall.

Contact:  Asela Fernando  ph. 0400 280 886

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults

Contact:  Parish Office     ph. 02 9629 2595

St Vincent de Paul Society  Contact:  Rocco Bombardiere  Ph. 0409 461 109

                                                              For collection Ph. 02 9633 5433