Xt3 webcast cued for Canonisation


Blessed Mary MacKillop
Blessed Mary MacKillop.
The live webcast of Mary MacKillop's Canonisation Ceremony on  Sunday 17 October can be seen on Xt3’s media portal at http://vioca.st/marymackillop 

The webcast will begin at 5pm with a special Mass at St Mary's Cathedral. Following the Sydney Mass, the webcast will cross live to Rome for the Papal Canonisation Mass.

The cross to Rome will be at 6.15pm for an introduction prior to the beginning of official events at 6.30pm. Xt3 has arranged live commentary by Josephite Sister Giovanni Farquer and Sydney priest Fr Mark Podesta, who will both be in Rome.

The webcast will be interactive, allowing live chat, Twitter feeds and a Q&A with the commentators from Rome.


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