Vinnies thanks for Vietnamese Catholic Community's flood appeal support


Vietnamese Vinnies Flood Appeal Donation News Story
L to R: Graham West (St Vincent de Paul Society Chief Executive Officer), Father Paul Van Chi (fitth from left), Beverley Kerr (Chair, Provisional Board for NSW State Council), Fr Toan Nguyen (seventh from left), Barry Jones (President, Sydney Central Council) with other representatives from the Vietnamese Catholic Community at the presentation.

St Vincent de Paul Society NSW representatives have presented dignitaries from Sydney's Vietnamese Catholic Community with a certificiate of appreciation for its donation of $50,000 to the St Vincent de Paul Society Flood Appeal.

“The Vietnamese Catholic Community is always one of the first to put their hand up and assist our friends in crisis. We cannot thank you enough for your kindness and compassion,” said Beverley Kerr, St Vincent de Paul Society NSW's Provisional Board for NSW State Council Chair, who was joined at the presentation by the Society's CEO Graham West and Sydney Central Council President Barry Jones.

Though decades ago, many of Australia’s Vietnamese community still have vivid memories of arriving in Australia as refugees. Many of these community members still remember the crucial help they received form the St Vincent de Paul Society who provided them with clothing, food and housing. It is with this spirit of having received that the Vietnamese Catholic Community is so generous in giving.

Chaplain to Sydney’s Vietnamese community Father Paul Van Chi said he is not surprised by the generous response.

“We expected such a wonderful response from the Vietnamese people, because the Vietnamese boat people have experienced trauma while suffering the hardship in Vietnam, and especially while escaping from Vietnam,” Fr Paul said.

“They give because they received the grateful assistance from the Australian people and St Vincent de Paul Society when they arrived.”

All money raised will go directly towards helping rebuild the lives of devastated Australians during the floods earlier this year, not only now, but long after the national headlines have disappeared.

Folllowing the presentation, the Society was offered a heartfelt gift which included a collection of spiritual songs and an accompanying book called the Mother of Vietnam Country, authored by Fr Paul. It was a powerful symbol of the strong friendship between the Society and the Vietnamese Catholic Community.

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