Value-added Catholic Schools do more with less


From Catholic Communications, Sydney Archdiocese 

Catholic Communications reports that the nation's 1701 Catholic primary and secondary schools educate one in five Australians despite receiving considerably less per student in government funding than public or independent schools.

The latest figures on the Federal Government's My Schools website show government funding per student at Catholic schools is $10,008 against $11,132 per student at government schools and $13,711 per student at private schools.

But according to Therese Temby, Chair of the National Catholic Education Committee, it is how schools utilise these funds rather than how much is received that is important.

"The crucial issue is how schools spend their funds and Catholic schools have long provided value for money," Mrs Temby said.

With the recent release of the Commonwealth's National Report of Schooling in Australia 2009, well known public school lobbyist and founder of Save Our Schools, Trevor Cobbold has claimed Catholic and private schools are receiving government funds at the expense of state schools, asserting that government funding for Catholic schools has risen 64 per cent against just 48 per cent for public schools.

According to Mrs Temby, the figures were a "complete misrepresentation" of how much funding schools receive per student, citing Mr Cobbold's admission he "converted" and "adjusted" official data from the report.

 "There is only one set of consistent, comparable school financial data on which all school authorities, all sectors and all state education ministers agree and that is the financial data on the Australian Government's My School website," Mrs Temby said.

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