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In a first for the spiritual direction community in Australia, an eConference on 'The Way of the Heart - Journeys of Transformation' will be held at eSites across Australia between 10.30am and 3.30pm (EST) on Wednesday 15 June.

Sponsored by the Conference of Spiritual Directors (CSD) Australia, the eConference is primarily designed for spiritual directors, but will be of interest also to others working in spirituality and in helping ministries.

Institute For Mission (1-5 Marion Street Blacktown) will be an eSite for 'The Way of the Heart - Journeys of Transformation' in the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta.

Hosted by CSD Australia Chairperson Brian Gallagher msc, the eConference will feature key presenter Paul Beirne, Dean and Professor of Comparative Religion, Melbourne College of Divinity.

Calling on the riches of several religious traditions, Paul will be joined by by Facilitator Jill McCorquadale, Media Analyst Peter Malone msc and Spiritual Director Kate Garrone in an exploration of the universal quest to discover and follow our way – to truth and to life.

'The Way of the Heart - Journeys of Transformation' will involve several presentations, reflection and sharing, and e-interaction with the presenters and panel.

Participants are asked to register via the eConference website -

While there is no fee for CSD members, a donation from non-members (via the eConference website) would be gratefully appreciated.

About the Speakers

Paul Beirne

Professor of Comparative Religion and Dean of the Melbourne College of Divinity, Paul has worked as a missionary in Korea for many years, and undertaken extensive research into Korean religious traditions. He has a background in spiritual direction (Heart of Life Centre) and East Asian studies (Yonsei University, Seoul; Catholic Theological Union, Chicago; and the University of Queensland).

Jill McCorquadale

A long-time member of the Conference of  Spiritual Directors, Jill is an experienced spiritual director and facilitator and will chair the eConference.

Peter Malone

A theologian and media analyst, Peter was recently awarded an honorary Doctorate by the Melbourne College of Divinity. Peter taught at the National Pastoral Institute and Yarra Theological Union, before moving to the International Catholic Organisation for Cinema and the World Catholic Association for Communication 21 years ago. He has been world President of both associations.

Kate Garrone

A spiritual director and psychologist, Kate currently works for the Sisters of Mercy, growing an Australasian network of young adults committed to justice and compassion.

Brian Gallagher

Well known to CSD members through his ministry as a spiritual director, supervisor and educator (principally at the Heart of Life Spirituality Centre in Melbourne), Brian is currently the chair person of the Conference of Spiritual Directors, Australia.

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