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On Thursday 30 August, parishioners of Our Lady of the Rosary Kellyville Parish gathered for our most recent consultation. It was a lively night of discussion and genuine engagement in the pastoral initiatives and challenges which stand before us.

Throughout the night both parishioners and the Franciscan friars of the parish spoke strongly about the issues of families in crisis. There was a keen awareness of the challenges facing today’s families and many unanswered questions about where to send families in emergencies and for after-hours care.

In the area of youth, it was affirmed that young people need continuous and active encouragement and motivation and, too often, there is a failure to call forth the potential of our young people.

In the area of ethnic diversity, it was felt that we need to do more in building friendships through initiatives for the under 12 age-group, an effort that would foster understanding and communion across differing families and bring ethnic groups closer together with not only each other but with the whole parish community. The idea of implementing family groups was suggested as a way to cross cultural divides.

Positively, it was felt that the Church was endowed with sound organisational structures which are foundational for effective evangelisation.

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