Sydney Celebrations for Mary MacKillop


Blessed Mary MacKillop
Blessed Mary MacKillop.
From Catholic Communications,
Sydney Archdiocese

For those people not making their way to Rome for the Canonisation Ceremony of Mary MacKillop, there is still a lot happening in Sydney.

Mary's appeal is wide-ranging, not only to Catholics, but to the nation as a whole - borne of her legacy in establishing social welfare and health care initiatives spanning education, hospitals, support for the oppressed and the destitute, and for those both young and young.

So if are interested in knowing more about Australia's first saint there will be plenty to see and do on 17 October.

Prior to the Feast Day Mass at St Mary's Cathedral at 5pm, there will be a Festival of Faith in the forecourt area hosted by the Knights of the Southern Cross. This is an annual festival providing an opportunity for the general public to join the Catholic Community and experience the multicultural and universality of Catholic organisations showcasing their missions and activities.

Full article is available on the Sydney Archdiocesan site.

You can register your interest in attending the 5pm Mass at St Mary's Cathedral on 17 October here.

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