Support for Patrician Brothers' Missions in Kenya, PNG and Ghana


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School children in Kenya helped by the Patrician Brothers.
Through the generous support of the community, Patrician Brothers' College in Blacktown have been able to contribute more than $70,000 to the Brothers' Missions in Kenya, Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Ghana over the last seven years.

Brother Peter Higgins said the money - which has come from donations and the recycling of copper, brass and aluminium cans - has allowed the Patrician Brothers at Blacktown to send $30,000 to the Mission in Kenya, $16,000 to PNG and $18,000 to Ghana.

"We also sent $5,000 to the Paulist Fathers in Pakistan some six years ago," Brother Peter said. "All this money we raise goes direct from our bank in Sydney to banks near the Missions. None of the money is wasted on advertising. With this money, the Brothers are able to provide medicine, food, clothing and education for many very poor children."

Brother Peter recently received a letter from Br Paul Brennan in Kabongo, Kenya,  providing a breakdown of how the $30,000 raised over the last seven years has been spent:

  • A Health Care Centre and Clinic are operating well, providing valuable service in the area of diagnosis and treatment of HIV and AIDS patients
  • At present 430 students attend the Patrician Brothers’ Primary School
  • Adjoining the school is kindergarten, staffroom, mobile clinic and sports facilities
  • The younger children receive fresh hot cooked food twice a day
  • Mains electricity supply to the general Kabongo area and school
  • The drilling of a 170-metre bore hole which will give clean drinking water to the school population and surrounding area.

Brother Peter said that in Ghana, the money is being used to build classrooms and for education, while in PNG, the funds raised go towards educating and training young Brothers.

You can help the Patricians Brothers continue their important work by attending their upcoming Fundraiser Dance at Penrith Gaels Club in Kingswood on Saturday 4 December. Please see our Events Page for details.

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