Student beats the odds to complete HSC


Chloe Liso
Chloe Liso.
Bede Polding College South Windsor Year 12 student Chloe Liso has successfully completed the 2010 HSC despite facing significant adversity due to her health.

Chloe has Dejerine-Sottas disease, a hereditary body weakening condition that causes severe breathing problems and restricts her to a wheelchair. Over the past two years, Chloe has spent more time in hospital or at home than at school. To prevent her from getting pneumonia, Chloe was home-schooled during the cooler months.

Chloe said that although studying from home was a challenge, she appreciated all the assistance from her teachers at Bede Polding.

"My teachers regularly emailed me, called me or they would come over after school to tutor me," Chloe said. "This made it much easier."

Chloe also received special provisions to complete both her trial and HSC examinations at home, with supervision and the assistance of a writer.

Chloe studied English Standard, Mathematics General, Business Studies, Religious Education, Community and Family Studies and Earth and Environmental Science. She said her was really pleased to receive a Band 5 and five Band 4s for these subjects.

"I was really happy with my results, especially with getting a Band 5 in Community and Family studies," Chloe said. "I’ve had a great support network of teachers and friends at Bede Polding, as well as my family, and I’m very grateful to them."

Bede Polding’s Principal Kevin Jones said Chloe was to be commended for her determination.

"Knowing what Chloe has been through, she has achieved some great results,"  Kevin said. "We were very happy with the school’s overall results and we congratulate all of our Year 12 students on their achievements."

Bede Polding College had 15 students in the Distinguished Achievers List for achieving at least one Band 6 or equivalent. These students achieved a total of 36 Band 6 results.

Bede Polding student, Christina Lindop received ninth place in Earth and Environmental Science and was included in the Top Achievers in Course List. This list names the top 5, 10 or 20 students in each course depending on candidature.

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