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Faith in Our Future Consultation Springwood

From the 'Faith in Our Future' Blog

More than 120 parishioners from the Parishes of St Thomas Aquinas Springwood and Our Lady of the Nativity Lawson gathered at the Bishop Manning Learning Centre in Springwood on Tuesday 4 September for a 'Faith in Our Future' Diocesan Pastoral Planning Consultation.

There was an enthusiastic engagement of the five diocesan pastoral priorities.

Participants also felt a strong need to speak about local issues which fell outside of the five priorities but which nevertheless impact on their mission as disciples.

Challenges included the need for more consideration of the elderly in aged care facilities, stronger engagement of youth in the liturgy, the availability of the sacraments for communities, and the lack of adult faith formation available in the Mountains.

While the parishes acknowledged their limited experience of ethnic diversity there was a recognition that they have resources which might be of benefit to other parishes in their deanery and throughout the Diocese.

There was also the challenge of recognising the local Indigenous members of the Blue Mountains as a significant ethnic group and the outreach of parishes to them.

The large gathering of parishioners showed a real concern for the present and future pastoral directions in the Blue Mountains. The Bishop Manning Learning Centre provided an ideal place for the pastoral planning consultation. There was a real sense of energy and purpose in the evening and a willingness to engage in new and also well-tried ways of bringing the Gospel to people.

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