Strong contributions from the parishes of Quakers Hill-Schofields and Riverstone


The 'Faith in Our Future' Blog reports that parishioners from Mary Immaculate Quakers Hill-Schofields and St John the Evangelist Riverstone came together on Tuesday 26 June to share their ideas toward the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta's Pastoral Plan.

One of the affirmations of the evening was the pastoral care and support already provided in our many parish and school communities, which represent a gift that the Pastoral Plan hopes to extend and strengthen in the years to come.

A challenge identified in the area of supporting family life was the need to better identify new parishioners and sustaining connections with our people between baptism and first communion. A strong idea to encourage exchange between parishes and schools was the need for parishes to be represented at school orientation days, whether by clergy and/or laity, witnessing to the integral faith dimension of our Catholic schools.

In the area of youth, the issue of succession in leadership was raised as essential in building sustainable ministry. Indeed, this seems to apply to many other areas of parish life where continuity and the invitation of new leaders in ministry are ongoing challenges.

The need for young catechists, drawn from university students and other cohorts, was emphasised as an opportunity. We are certainly aware that the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine has begun to engage younger catechists in this way and we hope to see a growth in this engagement in future years as it allows young people to model to other youth the shape of discipleship and mission.

The need for guidance in ways of prayer, formation about the Mass and youth participation in liturgical roles were seen as areas of improvement while social opportunities for youth before and after Mass was shared as a means of forming connections in the context of faith.

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