Statement of Brisbane Archbishop Mark Coleridge


Statement of Brisbane Archbishop Mark Coleridge on the appointment of Right Rev Monsignor Robert McGuckin as Bishop of Toowoomba.

Right Rev Monsignor Robert McGuckin
Right Rev Monsignor Robert McGuckin - Toowoomba Bishop-elect.
Photo: David Tang
For some time the appointment of a new Bishop of Toowoomba has been a matter of urgency, and I very much welcome the choice of Monsignor Robert McGuckin for the See.

I hope and pray that his coming to the Diocese will bring peace after the recent turbulence.  Bishop-elect McGuckin brings much experience and many gifts to the episcopal ministry, and these will equip him well for all that lies ahead.

I look forward to working closely with him to build up the Church in Queensland, and I am sure that the Bishops of the Province and the entire community of the faithful in Toowoomba – clergy, religious and laity – will welcome him as the man chosen and sent by Jesus Christ on this new mission.

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