St Patrick's Parish Guildford launches new site


St Patrick's Parish Guildford Site News Story
The Good News is just a click away for the community of Guildford, with the Catholic Parish of St Patrick's launching its new site.

The St Patrick's Guildford Parish website has been designed to provide easy-to-access information for local Catholics and the wider Guildford community, with Mass and Reconcilation Times, Parish Office details and information on the local Catholic school, St Patrick's Primary School.

Guildford, located in the Holroyd City Council area, is home to more than 4,000 Catholics. The Parish also enjoys strong ties with the wider Guildford community, providing the presence of Christ for all in the local area.

Guildford is blessed with a rich and wide cultural diversity - of the 11,000 people who live in the suburb, 4,000 are of Lebanese heritage, while thousands more hail from backgrounds as diverse as Chinese, Croation, English, Filipino, German, Indian, Irish, Italian, New Zealand, Scottish, Turkish and Vietnamese.

The diversity of the suburb is reflected within the congregation of St Patrick's Parish.

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