Special 'Faith in Our Future' Consultation at IFM


The 'Faith in Our Future' Blog reports that a special pastoral planning consultation was held at the Institute for Mission (IFM) on Wednesday 18 April, bringing together past and present students of IFM, CatholicCare Social Services - Diocese of Parramatta (CCSS) Ambassadors and Pastoral Associates from across the Diocese.

The consultation was an opportunity to tap into particular sources of vitality that animate the life of the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta, and draw on the pastoral experience and theological insight of lay men and women and religious who are at the coalface of ministry and service in our communities.

The first half of the evening was dedicated to Faith in Our Future's five diocesan pastoral priorities - Family, Youth, Outreach, Ethnic diversity and Vocations - participants spread themselves evenly across the areas of focus.

In the area of family life, the connection of sacramental programs, particularly at baptism, and social activities including playgroups was underlined as being of particular significance.

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