Singing seminarian's prayer in song


Singing seminarian Rev Robert Galea
One of the great devotions of the Catholic Church, The Chaplet of Divine Mercy, is now available in music with the release of 'the singing seminarian' Rev Robert Galea's latest album.

'Divine Mercy Chaplet', which features Catholic musicians Gary and Natasha Pinto, offers a series of songs that bring to life the decades, words and amazing grace of this devotional prayer and its expression of God's unlimited and abundant love to all.

Through uplifting and spiritually inspired music, Robert hopes to make prayer something that can be done by everyone at any time, drawing hearts to the joy that is experienced in a life filled with Christ.

"Prayer is sometimes a hard thing to do. What should I say? How should I say it? In times like these the first place I find I turn to is the 'devotion prayers' provided to us by the Church. The Rosary is one, but there is also the Divine Mercy Chaplet," Robert said.

"The Divine Mercy Chaplet is usually prayed on rosary beads because there are five sets of ten short prayers to Jesus asking him to bless, protect and have mercy on us and the whole world. It is a powerful prayer, but one that many find hard to pray.

"I truly feel that music is an important instrument in helping people understand the need for intimacy with God. Hopefully through putting these prayers into song, I am able to share this gift from God to everyone and as people listen to the words and meditate on them, they will feel blessed no matter where they are in life, as the chaplet does for me whenever I pray it."

Robert's latest album continues a legacy of uplifting, heartfelt music that for over half a decade has brought people closer to Christ.

Albums such as 'Closer' and 'What a Day', as well as Robert’s amazing story of conversion from a wayward teenager to a true follower of Christ, have inspired many, in particular young Australian Catholics, to not only love the Lord, but be proud of their faith and share it with the world.

Divine Mercy Chaplet is available from iTunes, and most Catholic bookshops.

Album track previews can be heard at

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