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God will take care of us all - A Spirituality of Mary MacKillop
'God will take care of us all – A Spirituality of Mary MacKillop': A review by Maria Lucy

Given the change in style of language usage and reflecting on the collation of the ‘themes’ of Mary’s extensive writing, I found the text of the book God will take care of us all another way of being enriched by the depth of the treasure Mary MacKillop gave to the world and in particular to those who seek to emulate her virtues. Her spirituality, home grown and nurtured in Australia, is a worthy model on which to build a life of prayer and commitment to God.

The author, Pauline Wicks rsj, has shown the enormous depth of her research skills in drawing together extracts from the letters of Mary MacKillop into the specific themes developed in the text. It is an insightful expose that enables the reader to look again at the treasure encapsulated in the written word and to gain a deeper sense of the intuitive person Mary MacKillop was in the founding years of the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart.

We in Australia (and beyond) stand today on the shoulders of the pioneering religious who went before us: their struggles and hardships, their foundation activities in education and welfare and their sheer determination to make things work. These I believe have given us a treasure which will bear fruit way beyond our own 21st Century. I believe this little book enables the reader to gain a sense of the heritage which is ours for the taking.

A book worthy of a reflective reading and one that is not to be taken too lightly.

Published by St Pauls Publication 2009. ISBN 9781921472367 (pbk)

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